Cassie Stephens

An L.A. based artist with over a decade of experience exploring various visual art techniques and styles while developing my own. I started my journey heavily influenced by International and domestic runway shows I attended before finding my love of comic books, superheroes, and anime. My uniquely stylized art has found a growing following on my personal art Instagram @cassiestephensart as my influences of superheroes and anime have surged in popularity.

I’ve worked with a wide clientele on a variety of projects, producing commissioned work, illustrating children’s books, and I am currently wrapping up my work on a full length graphic novel.

I am a member of the Local 892 Costume Designers and Illustrators Guild and I look forward to contributing to and influencing the world of entertainment.

Examples of my personal work are available under the Gallery pages and @cassiestephensart on Instagram

For Guild and costume work, please see my professional page @ces.illustrations on Instagram